1. How To Use Your New Telescope (texto original)

Selecting an Eyepiece

1. You should always start viewing with the lowest power eyepiece, which in this case is the
20 mm lens. Note: the base power of each eyepiece is determined by the focal length of the
telescope objective lens. A formula can be used to determine the power of each eyepiece:
telescope OBJECTIVE lens focal length divided by EYEPIECE focal length =
MAGNIFICATION (e.g. Using the 20 mm lens, a sample calculation would look like this:
700 mm / 20mm = 35x or 35 power. Telescope models will vary in focal length).

2. Included with this telescope is a Barlow lens. Barlow lenses are used to double or triple the power of your telescope. Place your Barlow between the focusing tube and the eyepiece. Using the example above, your 3x Barlow lens would give you a total
power of 105x or 135 power. (35 x 3 = 105x or 105 power).
The magnification calculation would look like this: 700 mm/ 20mm =35 power. 35 power x 3 = 105 power.

Focusing Telescope

1. After selecting the desired eyepiece, aim main telescope tube at a land-based target at least 200 yards away (e.g. a telephone pole or building).
2. Fully extend focusing tube by turning Rack and Pinion Focusing Mechanism.
3. While looking through selected eyepiece (in this case the 20 mm), slowly retract focusing tube by turning Rack and Pinion Focusing Mechanism until object comes into focus.

Aligning Finderscope

1. Look through Main Telescope Tube and establish a well-defined target. (see Focusing
Telescope section)
2. Looking through Wide Field Finderscope, alternate tightening each Finderscope Adjustment Screw until the red dot of Wide Field Finderscope are precisely centered
on the same object already centered in Main Telescope Tube’s field of view.
3. Now, objects located first with the Wide Field Finderscope will be centered in the field of view of the main telescope.

Never Look Directly At The Sun With
Your Telescope
Permanent Damage
To Your Eyes May Occur



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